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YOGA Calm for Girls!

Yoga Calm/Mindfulness Class for Girls Grades 4-8

Help your child develop healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness. Yoga Calm gives children a practice and routine that integrates physical, mental and emotional development.  Skills and activities covered include:

• Simple breathing techniques to slow down the nervous system, develop self-control and connect children with their feelings

• Yoga poses to release energy, learn compassion, and develop strength, concentration, and self-confidence

• Games and activities to develop patience, mindfulness, compassion, leadership, and other social/emotional skills

• Relaxation techniques

This class is beneficial for all children, and especially for those with anxiety or difficulties with attention, or emotion regulation. Through this yoga and mindfulness practice, your child

will develop more personal awareness and learn specific strategies to maintain focus and manage their emotions.

Wednesdays at 4 PM

Session 1:

September 18- October 23

Session 2:

November 6- December 18

Cost 120.00/session



Yoga has helped my attitude. I never used to talk about my feelings, and now I do.” 11 year old student.
“Yoga Calm strengthened my students physically and emotionally, by moving them from angry and uncertain to calm and confident.”

Carla Austin, Special Education Teacher

“My child is sleeping so much better after his Yoga Calm class.”Parent

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