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Laura Greear

Laura Greear opened Westside Pilates in 2006 with the intention of creating a warm, inviting environment where people could get fit, feel good and reduce or eliminate chronic pain.  She is certified in STOTT PILATES® and Booty Barre®.

What other sports or activities do you do, and how does Pilates help?

I love to run, hike, lift weights and use the TRX.  Pilates helps my muscles stay symmetrical, my spine supple and my core strong so that I can do all of these fun different activities and not become injured.

Do you do Pilates at home –like while you’re cooking or watching T.V. –and do you recommend that people incorporate it into their every day life?

Yes, absolutely I believe if you can do something every day those small positive changes can really add up.  I always encourage my clients to do exercises and stretches at home.  Even doing a simple plank exercise at home while watching T.V. will help their cores get stronger.  Or using a chair as a ballet “barre” to do Plies to sculpt the inner thighs and work their bums. They will feel the benefit of Pilates much quicker, become stronger and more flexible.

What are ways that people can incorporate Pilates principles into their daily lives?

A simple way to incorporate Pilates into daily life is to just become more aware of your posture: how are you sitting or standing? Are you leaning forward with your head and neck, tensing your shoulders and crossing your legs while you work at the computer? Instead, sit with a neutral spine, pull your abs up and in, with your feet flat on floor. (You could also sit on a stability ball to help with core and posture awareness).  Once you start doing these things your neck and shoulders will feel better and your low back will release and not have as much tension.  It’s my hope that my clients are starting to think about these things and make changes into their daily lives.

Favorite pre and post workout snack?

I like to have a hard boiled organic egg and some chopped up veggies.  It’s easy to make ahead of time and portable –which I love with my busy schedule. (And I am always looking for new ways to add more vegetables into my diet!) Post workout I will often have a smoothie: Spinach, Kale, Frozen Blueberries, Peanut Butter, Protein Powder and ice.

Favorite lucy item(s) and why?

I really love the lucy Hatha Capris.  They come in fun colors, are soft and comfy, and allow me to move  — and they have a high enough waistband so that I am “covered.” I also really love all of the different lucy Wraps!  The Take a Breath Jacket is really fun, and you can wear it so many different ways to create new outfits.